rs I gave every member of my golf team a copy of Phil’s book Understanding Golf.  Then,  
The past two years I gave every member of my golf team a copy of Phil’s book Understanding Golf. Then, after reading the book, I had each of them write an essay about what they had learned. This year we won our conference, we finished second in the CIF Northern California Divisional Final, and I was named Coach of the Year. I’ve also taken lessons from Phil and I’ve added several of his custom built clubs to my set. I would recommend his services to any golfer at any level.

Rich Wheeler
Head Golf Coach
La Canada High School

When I first started playing golf, my goal was to break 100 within six months. After a few months of struggling with my game and realizing that I was only getting worse, I started taking lessons from Phil Moore. He helped me understand how golf was best played and how to manage both my swing and my game. A few months later I shot 89 at the Los Serranos North Golf Course. My current goal is to consistently shoot in the mid to low 80s. I couldn’t be happier with the progress I’ve made though working with Phil.

Anthony Peregretti
Hospital Administrator
Irvine, California

I’ve been playing golf clubs built by Phil Moore for over 15 years. I’ve also recommended Phil to countless friends and fellow golfers. Everyone has been more than satisfied with his work. When it comes to golf club fitting, building or repairs, I consider Phil to be the best in the business.

Dave Allen
Fire Captain
San Bernardino, California

I played scratch golf for many years, but in the summer of 2012 I was really struggling with my game. Within 90 days of working with Phil on my mental approach to shotmaking, I set the course record at Date Palm Country Club, won my club championship, and won two other amateur tournaments. I’ve been playing with golf clubs built by Phil Moore since 1999 and I’ve continually recommended his services – both as a clubmaker and golf coach.

Craig Nixon
Retired Small Business Owner
Desert Hot Springs, California

I’m playing the same set of irons Phil Moore built for me in 2004. This year, because my grooves are wearing out, I’ll be buying another set from Phil. While I enjoy the opportunity to play my choice of name-brand golf clubs for free, I much prefer to pay Phil to both fit and build my equipment. I have a great deal of confidence in his ability.

Jason Taylor
President Southern California PGA
2004 Southern California PGA Professional of the Year

When I first met Phil Moore in 2013, I was a 10 handicap golfer working hard to improve. I had Phil fit and build me a custom fit set of Tom Wishon golf clubs. I also bought his two books, studied his approach to golf, and applied his common sense theories to my game. Today I’m a 2 handicap golfer and just shot the lowest round in my life – a 5 under par 67 at Desert Princes golf Course!

Vince Gibson
Retired Machinist
Cathedral City, California

If you’re looking for the best experienced golf club fitter in Southern California
then be sure you call Phil Moore.

Malcolm Lewis
Small Business Owner
Newport Beach, California

I’m still playing the same set of forged irons and wedges Phil Moore built for me six years ago. I currently have Phil do repairs, fit, and custom build clubs for my students. He does great work.

Junior Cortez
Head Golf Professional
Jurupa Hills Country Club

The Mad Science of Golf is a highly enjoyable read that I’d highly recommend to any golfer.
It’s a real eye-opener!

Howie Johnson
Winner on the PGA Tour and PGA Champions Tour
Current member of the PGA Grand Seniors Tour

I played Adams golf clubs and was on the Adams professional staff for several years. Last year I became frustrated with my equipment and had Phil Moore build me a new set of Alpha golf clubs. He built every club in my bag and they’re the best fitting and most forgiving clubs I’ve ever played. Never before have I had every club built to such exact specifications.

Bob Gronnel
Golf Professional
Goose Creek Golf Course

I frequently stop by Phil’s shop to analyze my putting launch numbers and, if needed, have him make slight adjustments to my putter’s loft and/or lie-angle. I also regularly send my students and club members to Phil for both club fitting and club repairs. I believe he is the best in the area.

Mike Drake
Golf Professional
Canyon Crest Country Club

Phil Moore built me a set of golf clubs that were easier for me to use and taught me how to better think my way around the golf course. I went from shooting well over a 100 to the 80s without changing my golf swing!

Pete Crump
Retired Psychology Technician
Upland, California

I wish I had met Phil Moore and read his two books when I first started playing the game. It would have saved me over 40 years of, as Phil puts it, “aimless golf”. Today I play Phil’s clubs, learned to effectively manage my swing, and I’m playing the game better than ever.

Dave Campbell
President, Campbell Engineering, Inc.
Palm Springs, California

I’ve greatly improved because Phil Moore changed the way I look at my golf game. He also built me a beautiful set of forged Tom Wishon irons with rifle shafts. They’re the best golf clubs I’ve ever owned. I cannot recommend his books or his services enough.

Tom Yazzi
Riverside, California

Phil Moore fit me for a set of golf clubs years ago and I’ve been playing them ever since. He knows what he’s talking about and I highly recommend reading his book “The Mad Science of Golf”. It should be in every golfer’s library, I sell it in my Pro Shop.

Troy Persson
General Manager and Head golf Professional
Pagosa Springs Golf Club, Pegosa Springs, Colorado

Phil Moore has transformed an inconsistent passion for golf into a very pleasurable experience. There were two key components to this transformation. First he built me a set of golf clubs that are very easy for me to use. Secondly, after reading his book, The Mad Science of Golf, I learned how to swing without the interference of conscious thought. What a difference skill in club fitting and common sense makes!

Dick Jeske
Riverside, California

Phil’s book The Mad Science of Golf tells it like it really is! As a high school golf coach for the past 17 years, I want my players to know both the science and the art of this great game. Phil’s easy-to-read no nonsense approach to both is right on target, especially when it comes to understanding what it means to play better golf. After reading the book, I purchased copies for all of my players. It’s a gift that I am sure they will find invaluable for years to come.

Dr. Bill Pine
Golf Coach, Jurupa Valley High School
Riverside, California

After I was directed by a friend to read Mr. Moore's 1st book, The Mad Science of Golf (Which is quite AWESOME), I then saw that Phil Moore had written another book. Understanding Golf is another gem in that it deals with REAL implications on how ANYONE can get better, and fast. The theme of Phil's new book is the 5 step process to improving/hitting better shots, and it cannot be disputed...yet very few ever use the 5 steps! As a member of the PGA of America I see the same people making the SAME mistakes over and over again. One statement in the book (of many) is that if you don't change your beliefs, you'll keep recycling the same thoughts over and over again. Next thing you know, many years have gone by and improvement has stagnated. Mr. Moore's book REFUSES to let you do that!....And THAT is why you must pick up and read this book! If there is a golf book best seller list (there may be one?) this should be on it, and you should own it.....that is if you wanna break free of your shackles.

Jerry Crowell, PGA
2 time PGA Chapter Player of the Year

Phil Moore’s book, The Mad Science of Golf, is a very honest approach to the game of golf and can assist any golfer at any level. It goes beyond equipment fitting and high priced equipment, it instructs the golfer on how he must manage his “swing” and most importantly his “mental thoughts” to become a better golfer. It is a must read for any golfer who wishes to improve.

Ron Robinson, PGA
Hall of Fame member of Southern California PGA


I've known and worked with Philip Moore for almost 20 years. His latest book, Understanding Golf, is a great read. There are no gimmicks here, just an honest, straight forward discussion about golf and how it is best played. Over the years, I've watched experienced golfers improve dramatically through working with Phil and applying the exact ideas he has clearly outlined in this book. Regardless of your level of play, if you would like to grow your understanding of the game and lower your average score, this book is worth every penny.

Jason Taylor
President of the Southern California PGA

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