Re-Gripping and Repairs


I hope you’ll consider my fully equipped Club Building and Repair Shop to be one convenient stop for all of your club making needs. I'm available for re-gripping and repairs on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I'm generally open by 10:00 am and I stay all day - until the last job is complete! 

Stop by anytime or make an appointment (951-377-6268) and, if possible, I'll complete the repair or re-grip(s), while you wait. You can also drop your clubs off at Goose Creek and they'll be ready on your next visit.


As a grip loses its traction, you’ll instinctively start to grip the club tighter, which can lead to a loss of both power and control. The general rule is that clubs should be re-gripped about once a year or every 40 rounds.


The size and style of the grip will directly influence how tightly you grip the club, how you align your hands on the grip, and how you deliver the club face to the ball. I offer a wide variety of both regular and putter grips and I’ll help you select the one that best meets your needs and budget. I’ll also measure your hand and build your grips to the most comfortable size.


I offer a wide selection of grips, including Golf Pride, Winn, SuperStroke, and Pure.

Expert Upgrades and Repairs 

The long list of professional club making services I provide includes: 

Grip Installation
Grip Fitting and Custom Sizing 
No Charge
Save & Re-Install a Grip
Extend Shaft to an Exact Length
Cut Shaft to an Exact Length
Reset Loose Head or Sleeve
Bend Iron Loft or Lie to an Exact Specification
Bend Iron Loft AND Lie to Exact Specification
Bend Putter Loft or Lie to an Exact Specifications
Bend Putter Loft AND Lie to Exact Specifications
Installing a New Shaft - Labor
Installing 2 or more New Shafts – Labor
13.50 each

  I stock a variety of shafts for immediate installation.  

Steel Iron Shafts
starting at
Graphite Iron Shafts
starting at
Graphite Hybrid Shafts
starting at
Graphite Wood Shafts
starting at



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