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If you read my first book, The Mad Science of Golf, you know that I’m not a big fan of mass-produced, brand-name golf clubs.  As a rule, I find them to be over-priced and over-marketed – often to the point of being disrespectful to the buyer’s intelligence. It would be nice if an expensive golf club would magically transform the buyer into a better golfer, but that is not going to happen.

About My Golf Clubs 

My mission is to build beautiful, high quality, professionally fit golf clubs for an affordable price. I build each golf club to the exact specifications I believe best fit a particular client. From a playability standpoint, I’ll compare the clubs I build to any brand-name golf club on the market.


A golf club has only three components:  a head, a shaft, and a grip. I select the components I use very carefully. Let me tell you about them:

My Heads: 

           While I don’t use brand-name (mass-produced) heads, I also don’t use clone or knock-off designs. Each head I use is a high quality original design from either Tom Wishon or Dr. Jim Yeh These gentleman are certainly two of the most respected club designers in the world. From their inventory of outstanding designs, I select the specific heads I use based on playability, design simplicity, and beauty.

            My Shafts: 

           The steel shafts I use are from FEMCO Steel Technology – makers of KBS golf shafts, the fastest growing steel shaft on the PGA Tour. I believe FEMCO manufactures the finest steel shafts in the world.


           I use high quality graphite shafts from three different distributors: Aerotech – the #1 maker of composite shafts on the PGA Tour; Tom Wishon Golf Technology  a company that has been on the cutting edge of graphite shaft design for the last 12 years; and Excaliber – shafts designed by Robin Arthur, whose graphite shaft designs are credited with more than 200 Tour wins,

            My Grips:  

           While I offer a wide selection of grips, my stock grip is PURE  I believe Pure manufacturers the most durable and best feeling grip on the market. The Pure grip is also the only American-made grip I’ve seen played on both the PGA and LPGA Tours.

            My Prices: 

My mission is to build beautiful, high quality, professionally fit golf clubs for an affordable price.  


I personally play the least expensive golf clubs I build and they’re the best performing and best feeling clubs I’ve ever had.  Trust me, a great set of golf clubs does not have to be expensive!


The price of each club or set is dependent on the components selected.  Fitting (which is normally $60 per hour) is included in the purchase price.


Set of 7 Irons          Starting at $399
Wedges                    Starting at     69
Hybrids Starting at    89
Fairway Metals Starting at     99
Drivers Starting at 199
Putters Starting at 99








I've known and worked with Philip Moore for almost 20 years. His latest book, Understanding Golf, is a great read. There are no gimmicks here, just an honest, straight forward discussion about golf and how it is best played. Over the years, I've watched experienced golfers improve dramatically through working with Phil and applying the exact ideas he has clearly outlined in this book. Regardless of your level of play, if you would like to grow your understanding of the game and lower your average score, this book is worth every penny.

Jason Taylor
President of the Southern California PGA

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