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How I Make Golf Easier


The great LPGA Hall of Fame golfer Annika Sorenstam, once said, "Golfers tend to make the game more difficult than it really is".

This is so true.

Golfers struggle to improve because they don't really understand how the game is best played. They also play with golf clubs that are difficult to use, focus on things they cannot control, and practice in ways that make them worse.

If you've stopped improving, here are a few ways I can help...

I can custom fit and build golf clubs that will be easier for you to use.

If you've been struggling with your equipment, I can build golf clubs that will better compliment your size, strength and basic swing motion. Golf clubs that will HELP YOU make square and centered contact, launch the ball on a playable trajectory, and gain distance control.

I can teach you the easiest and quickest way to improve your ball-striking.

Trying to improve through continually changing your golf swing is a frustrating waste of time. Instead, I'll teach you how to BALANCE and MANAGE the golf swing you already have. I guarantee, it's the quickest and easiest way to significantly improve your ball-striking.

I can teach you how to save strokes on the golf course.

During a playing lesson, I'll teach you the Five Essential Playing Skills I outlined in my book, Understanding Golf. You'll learn how to better manage your game, improve your focus, and stop wasting strokes.

I can teach you how to hit fewer below average golf shots.

To lower your average score, you don't have to hit the ball farther, change your golf swing, buy the new golf clubs, or even practice more. All you have to do is hit fewer below average golf shots. You can start doing that immediately through learning to play every shot with a higher degree of purpose.

I can teach you how to practice more efficiently.

Working on your golf swing is not practicing golf. To become a better golfer, you need to practice creating golf shots, not golf swings. I can teach you how to accelerate your rate of improvement through purposeful practice techniques.

I can teach you how to easily improve your short game.

When playing golf, over 60% your shots will be on or very close to the green. I can teach you the easiest ways to improving your putting, chipping, pitching and sand shots. Developing a stronger short game is an essential step to lowering your average score.

I enjoy teaching golfers how to both make the game easier and lower their average score. If you would like to schedule a lesson or fitting, call me anytime at 951-377-6268 or email me at

I've known and worked with Philip Moore for almost 20 years. His latest book, Understanding Golf, is a great read. There are no gimmicks here, just an honest, straight forward discussion about golf and how it is best played. Over the years, I've watched experienced golfers improve dramatically through working with Phil and applying the exact ideas he has clearly outlined in this book. Regardless of your level of play, if you would like to grow your understanding of the game and lower your average score, this book is worth every penny.

Jason Taylor
President of the Southern California PGA

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