Golf Club Fitting


PGA and LPGA Tour players are not concerned with brand names.  What they are concerned with are club specifications.  Regardless of brand of golf club they play, professionals always have their golf clubs built to their personal specifications - to the specifications that provide them with the ability to make quality contact and send the ball on their preferred flight pattern the highest percentage of time.


Professionals play with fit golf clubs that are easy for them to use – SO SHOULD YOU!  For over 20 years I’ve encouraged golfers at every level to forget about the brand name and FOCUS ON SPECIFICATIONS!


How I Fit 

When fitting golf clubs, I have two objectives.

The first objective is to determine the 9 essential club specifications (Grip size; Shaft length, weight and flex; Clubhead weight, loft, lie-angle, face-angle, and design) that will provide the client with ability to make square and centered contact and send the ball on a playable trajectory the highest percentage of time. I do this for every club in the bag - PUTTER thru DRIVER.

The second objective is to determine the specific set composition (specific combination of wedges, irons, hybrids & fairway metals) that will provide that particular client with the ability to best control his or her distances.

I don’t endorse any particular brand of golf club because I don’t believe in brand names, I believe in golf club specifications. It is the golf club’s specifications that make it easy or difficult to use, not the brand name.

My mission is to build beautiful high quality golf clubs to the exact specifications that best complement a particular customer’s size, strength, setup position and basic swing motion, and ability. 

How much does a club fitting session cost? 

I charge $60 per hour, but most specific fits (i.e. driver, irons, wedges, or putter) are completed in 30 to 45 minutes.


There is no charge for the fitting session (regardless of the time) if the customer purchases the club or set of clubs from me. 

The most common club fitting mistakes I see golfers make are:

1. Buying Putters off the rack: During a round of golf, about 40% of your shots will be putts. When the length, loft, and lie-angle of your putter complement your setup position and stroke, putting becomes easier. Get properly fit and learn the putter specifications that work best for you. Then, whenever purchasing a new putter, have it built or adjusted to those specifications.

2. Buying Wedges off the rack: During a round of golf, about a third of your “non-putts” will be struck with one of your wedges. In terms of shaft length, shaft weight, lie-angle, loft and grip size, your wedges should be a logical extension of your iron set. Whenever you replace a wedge, make sure the new wedge is built or adjusted to fit your set – it’s not difficult.

3. Being More Concerned with Driver Distance than Driver Accuracy: Hitting your average drive 10 yards farther will not lower your average score, but keeping the ball in play a higher percentage of time will. Trying to gain distance at the expense of accuracy makes no sense.

4. Being More Concerned with Brand Name than with Club Specifications:  Neither the price tag nor the name stamped on the head determines the playability of a golf club.  Playability is determined by the club’s specifications.  How well a club’s specifications complement your size, strength, setup position and basic swing motion, determines how easy it will be for you to play that particular golf club. The brand name is and always has been irrelevant.

5. Playing with 2 or more clubs that carry essentially the same distance.
You should know the carry distance of every club in your bag and no two clubs should carry the same distance.  Assembling an effective set composition is one of the most important aspects of club fitting. You need to determine the combination of wedges, irons, hybrids, and fairway metals that works best for you.


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Jason Taylor
President of the Southern California PGA

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