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Questions on Coaching:


Do you have a teaching philosophy?

My goal as a coach is to teach each of my students how to SIGNIFICANTLY and PERMANENTLY lower their average score. Golf is a game and the player's ability is defined solely by their average score · not by what their swing looks like. 

So you don't teach a particular swing method?

No I don't. The ball doesn't care how you swing, it only responds to the clubface at impact. Trying to swing like someone else is difficult and serves no purpose. I teach students how to better understand, balance, and manage their natural swing motion.

Why do golfers stop improving?

It's because they have a limited understanding of how the game is best played and, as a result, they misunderstand the process of improvement.

How do you teach your students to lower their average score? 

I teach them how to keep the ball in play, how to reduce the severity of their miss hits, and how to lower their scoring average from within 100 yards of the green. It's an old school formula that has worked for hundreds of years and still works today.

How much do you charge for lessons?

$60 per hour or $30 for 30 minutes · that price includes range balls.

For most golfers, 60 minutes of pure swing instruction turns into information overload. Shorter 30 minute sessions focused on a few essential areas, coupled with 30 minutes of purposeful practice is both more affordable and more effective.

For students who prefer 60 minutes sessions, I recommend that we divide our focus into 2 separate areas; for example 30 minutes on the full swing, take a short break, and 30 minutes chipping and putting.

I also give 90 minute playing lessons for $75 · that price includes cart and green fees. It's a great way to improve your course management and learn how to hit specialty shots.


Questions on Club Fitting:


How much does a fitting session cost?

If you're purchasing a putter, driver, wedge, hybrid, fairway metal, or full set of irons from me there is never a charge for fitting. Otherwise, I charge $60 per hour. 

How long does a fitting session take?

I can generally determine the essential specifications for a specific club in 30 to 45 minutes. 

What are the essential specifications?

GRIP size; SHAFT length, weight and flex; CLUBHEAD weight, loft, lie-angle, face-angle, and design. 

Do you fit indoors or outdoors?

From an indoor hitting bay, you'll hit balls out and onto the Goose Creek driving range. You'll be able to see the full flight of every shot you hit. During the fitting process, we often move outside and hit balls off the grass as well.

Do you use a launch monitor?

Yes, I use three launch monitors, two for the full swing and one for putting

Do you use video when fitting?

Yes, each hitting bay is equipped with two cameras.

What is the biggest fitting mistake most golfers make?

Being more concerned with brand name than club specifications - which makes no sense at all.

Does everyone fit golf clubs the same way? 

Club fitters are similar to swing instructors in the sense that each has their own ideas. 

How do you fit?

I stay focused on the quality of contact. I determine the club specifications that will provide a particular client the ability to make square and centered contact and send the ball on a playable trajectory the highest percentage of time. I do this for every club in the bag - PUTTER thru DRIVER.

Does the average golfer really need to be fit?

Absolutely! Poor to average golfers actually benefit the most from club fitting. And, because the fit should always be included in the purchase price, there is no reason not to be fit.

Can you make fitting adjustment to my current clubs? 

Certainly. I can't always make ALL the adjustment you might need, but sometimes I can. Making adjustments to your current set can save you a lot of money!


Questions on Golf Clubs:


Is there a best brand of golf club?

No. If there was, every professional golfer would be using it. 

Are golf clubs continually getting better?

No. Manufacturers have to stay within the design guidelines established by the United States Golf Association. Golf clubs are as good as they're going to get.. sorry. 

Then why are brand name golf clubs so expensive?

Marketing and distribution costs. It's certainly not research and development! 

Do PGA and LPGA touring professionals always play with the newest designs?

No. While many professionals are required to play the newest designs (due to the terms of their endorsement contract), there are professionals on every major tour who continue to play and win with older designs.

Would I play better if I purchased the newest brand name golf clubs?

No. When selecting golf clubs, you need to forget about brand names and focus on club specifications. 

Are the golf clubs you build as good as brand-name clubs?

Yes. And because I fit and build each set myself, the specifications of my clubs are more precise than those of brand-name mass-produced golf clubs.

Why are your golf clubs so reasonably priced?

Golfers typically find my clubs to be a bargain because they're used to paying for golf clubs that are over-priced. 

What kind of warranty do your clubs have?

My golf clubs have a lifetime warranty against breakage under normal use. The grips, of course, should be periodically replaced.

What club heads do you use? 

I use heads from Tom Wishon Golf Technology  and Alpha Golf. I've worked with these manufacturers for over 10 years and the results have been fantastic.

Are the club heads you use clones or knock-offs?

No. I only use original designs from two of the finest club designers in the industry - Tom Wishon (Tom Wishon Golf Technology) and Dr. Jim Yeh (Alpha Golf) 

Why don't they play the heads you sell on the PGA or LPGA Tours?

Tour players get well paid to play a particular brand of golf club, and only a few very large manufacturers can afford to pay the huge endorsement contracts that tour players demand. As a result, there'll always be a limited number of golf club brands being played on tour. It's not about quality, it's about money. Regardless of the brand they're currently playing, all tour players have their clubs built to their personal specifications. The brand name golf clubs you see being played on the PGA and LPGA Tours are certainly not the same over-priced brand-name golf clubs being sold through the internet or at your local mega store.

How long does it take for you to build golf clubs?

It generally takes me a day or two to build single clubs and about a week to build a full set.


Questions on Golf Club Repairs:


Do you do Re-Gripping?

Yes, at my shop I stock a wide range of popular grips.

How often should I have my clubs re-gripped?

As a general rule, clubs should be re-gripped about once a year or every 40 rounds.

How important is the size and taper of the grip?

The size and taper of the grip will directly influence your grip pressure, how you align your hands on the grip, and how you deliver the club face to the ball. I'll measure your hands and guide you through the selection process.

How long does it take to have my clubs re-gripped?

Quite often I can re-grip your clubs while you wait · just contact me and make an appointment. You can also leave your clubs at Goose Creek and pick them up on your next visit. 

How much does it cost to have my grips custom sized?

I charge $3.00 to remove your old grip and install your new grip. There is no charge to build your grips to a custom taper or size. I believe all golfers should play with properly fit grips · there is no reason not to.

Can you adjust the specifications of my current putter?

I can alter the shaft length and re-grip any putter. On most putters I can also adjust the loft and lie-angle. All golfers should play with a properly fit putter · it's the most used club in the bag! 

Can you adjust the lie-angles and lofts of my irons?

I have 2 Loft and Lie machines and can make adjustments to almost any set of irons. 

What adjustments can you make to my current driver?

If you have an adjustable driver, I can help you determine the most effective setting. I can also cut or extend the shaft length and install a new grip and re-shaft your driver. Very often my customers discover they don't need a new driver, they just need to make a few adjustments to the driver they already have. 

How long does it take to re-shaft a golf club?

If I have the shaft in stock, it generally takes one day. If it's an emergency, I can do it in an hour. If I have to order the shaft, it might take 2 or 3 days.


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I've known and worked with Philip Moore for almost 20 years. His latest book, Understanding Golf, is a great read. There are no gimmicks here, just an honest, straight forward discussion about golf and how it is best played. Over the years, I've watched experienced golfers improve dramatically through working with Phil and applying the exact ideas he has clearly outlined in this book. Regardless of your level of play, if you would like to grow your understanding of the game and lower your average score, this book is worth every penny.

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